Understanding California’s Coastal Commissions in Custom Home Building and Remodeling

Working with local and state regulations

At ProPacific Builders, we have always built and remodeled homes along the California coast, so we understand the environmental rules that govern the coast can be complicated.

The requirements can involve different legal, environmental, and administrative permits. Our architects thoroughly research all required permitting regulations based on your property address to ensure we are fully compliant. With that research, knowledge, and experience, we can communicate the necessary expectations to meet your project goals and make your remodel or new home successful

What is the California Coastal Commission?

The California Coastal Commission is a regulatory agency established to protect and preserve the coast and coordinate policy related to coastal issues. The commission supervises and regulates all actions that might impact resources on the ocean shorelines, public lands, water resources, and marine life. It ensures that any development along the coast follows specific planning and zoning guidelines, and environmental policies. 

How it works 

When an applicant files for any home building or remodeling project along the coast the coastal commission’s rules limit the size of buildings, restrict structures from being built too close to the shoreline, and ensure that home designs comply with local architecture and zoning guidelines. Additionally, the commission considers marine animals’ habitats, wetlands, and other critical ecosystems that might endanger marine life. 

Understanding the Importance

It is essential to understand how the Coastal Commission impacts custom home and remodeling projects. Adhering to established local and state policy guidelines leads to the project’s success. 

We work closely with local officials, architects, coastal engineers, and environmental consultants to come up with a design that satisfies the commission’s requirements while meeting our homeowners’ specifications and goals. Learn more about Our Team and Request A Consultation to visit more with us. 

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