What is a Project Development Services Agreement (PDSA)?

A Blueprint for Success

What is a Project Development Services Agreement (PDSA), and how does it benefit you? Let’s take a closer look at the purpose and how it works.

The planning phase is the foundation of any home remodel or renovation project. The more thorough your plan, the fewer surprises you’ll face. In your first meeting, Mike will discuss your project vision and goals, along with our ideas, the assessment of your space, and how to accomplish your goals. The next phase begins by outlining the specific changes required to meet these goals through the Project Development Services Agreement (PDSA).

The Project Development Services Agreement (PDSA) establishes a targeted investment range for your home remodel, marking your readiness to proceed with the design phase. Once signed, we will align you and your team with a dedicated collaboration client portal, ensuring streamlined communication and comprehensive project management. In the design phase, we’ll match you with a designer attuned to your style to explore enhancements to your space’s aesthetics and functionality. Your designer will provide layout refinements, material selection, and fixture choices, accompanied by regular cost updates will be provided. The PDSA ensures the precise finalization of the design scope and investment. 

On review of the finalized design scope, assessment of trade partners, project details, material calculations, and requirements, the overall scope of work for your project is defined in a fixed-price construction agreement with precise costs and a detailed scope of work. The PDSA is the foundation for developing our final cost agreements and the start of our partnership in bringing your dream home to life.

Moreover, our experienced professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget. The PDSA model is a powerful tool for managing the complexities of a home remodel with exact precision in the scope of work, fine detail, and expenses to complete your dream home.

When it comes to home remodeling, a strategic approach results in a rewarding and successful endeavor. Our entire process is collaborative, with our team ensuring unity towards the shared vision. Learn more and reach out to our team for a consultation.

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